Renga – The world’s first 100-player laser game!

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On Thursday 27th October at 9pm, wallFour made gaming history, showing Renga, the worlds first 100 player laser game. Renga made it’s sell-out debut at this year’s GameCity Festival.

Renga is a massive co-operative game for 100 simultaneous players that combines strategic conquest elements from games such as Civilisation with action phases inspired by old-school arcade classics such as Defender.

The unique hour-long experience had players battling to grow their colony while simultaneously protecting against incoming invasions. Once the colony has grown to a sufficient size, players can use it to fight the final boss, Renga. At Gamecity6, players lost twice to Renga, each time being forced to retreat, repair and rebuild. Different strategies were formulated with the audience developing different colony arrangements before trying once again to defeat the boss. On their third attempt, using an advanced colony layout with a spike attack, the audience successfully defeated Renga. The crowd went crazy as with laser pointers being shone around on the ceiling in a frenzied euphoria.

A teaser trailer of Renga showing the game introduction was recorded on the night and is available here.

We are currently in discussions to show Renga again at cinemas around the country – get in contact if you’d like to arrange a showing locally.

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