About us

wallFour have created a system that allows up to 500 simultaneous players to interact with giant digital projection screens using laser pointers. We use this interface to design and produce collaborative crowd games for live performance. Our work is a mix of film, videogames and theatre.

The company was created by two videogame industry experts who until recently ran one the of the leading academic games development courses in the world. Prior to that we both worked in triple-A game development on multi-million dollar projects.


Adam Russell
Adam’s interdisciplinary background in philosophy and machine intelligence led him to the videogames industry as an AI specialist with particular interests in improvisational characters. At Lionhead Studios he played a pivotal role in the AI design for critically-acclaimed and best-selling RPG Fable, whose tagline “For every choice, a consequence” largely rested upon Adam’s work on the simulation of social reputation in a sprawling interactive narrative.


While maintaining an international speaking profile within the games industry, Adam spent four years working in higher education with John Sear. His experience on the NESTA funded “Crossover Labs” media innovation project led to collaborations beyond the games industry and paved the way towards what would become wallFour.


John started his professional academic career at the University of Manchester where he combined teaching with research.  He was a member of the High Performance Computing group studying for a PhD in Computer Vision while also teaching at undergraduate level.


Lured into the games industry by Codemasters, John turned his childhood passion of creating videogames into professional practice.  He returned to academia 3 years later when he saw an opportunity to radically alter the games education landscape.  He was able to combine both his industrial and academic backgrounds to develop a groundbreaking degree course, specialising in the advanced software engineering required for large scale triple-A game development.