The show must go on

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We had a great Renga show on Tuesday night for delegates from TEDx and the Crossover Summit. So good that Doc/Fest festival director Heather Croall booked us for another show, happening later today. We’re on from 18:00 (for 18:30) Saturday in the Crossover Lounge at the Workstation. We’ve met a lot of people over the last couple of days who heard about Tuesday’s gig but didn’t see it, and hopefully some of them will get a taste tonight.

Unfortunately, matters have been somewhat complicated by Adam breaking his arm at the Doc/Fest roller disco party on Thursday night! Not the only one either – Suzana from the festival production team is in the same boat (picture! it did happen), and there were a lot of bruised delegates wandering around on Friday.

Still, we’re here to network and Adam’s arm has been a constant talking point. Someone even suggested that it might have been fake! Great way to break the ice at parties :)

The perils of Roller Disco

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